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1.Write a detailed report on the procedures that are being followed by the business organization that you are currently working in to build client relationships and business networks.

My company called Bybloss, is a big and popular company that produces a range of cosmetics,for men and women.

In this company I `am a sales and marketing manager,so I am responsible for taking care of new products, some improvements, as well, as taking care of the work of my empolyess.

Last week, our company introduced a new brand cream, in order to that I hadto prepare some instructions for my staff, to get a clear perspective about what we need to introduce, so I prepared slides in Power Point and I presented it during the meeting.





This is what I have done (of course not everything) in particular matter of my duties.

In my company to build a business network people responsible for this particular thing need to reach out online as well as offline.

To build a business network, usually we use a few different tactics. Of course I am the one who need to instruct my staff about particular ways we do it.

If this is online, we need to have:

• Access to the Internet
• A willingness to reach out to others to build a business network

In order to build a business network, first I inform everyone who is in my team I know that we are actively networking in order to build our business network and spread the work about what we do.

We can inform people we know very well by phone and/or in person, and people we know less well via email. We have set up an email list with some particular options so that we let people know on a regular basis about different projects we are working on.

So every time I finish a cooperation with a company in a week later I send a newsletters about our new products, or just call them with a question like: how are you? How is your company,if this is someone new I call this person and ask about some informations,than also I call further or just sent a catalogue.

Another way to build a business network is to open a facebook account, (and open accounts on other social networking sites as well, including any social networking sites or message board or forums that pertain specifically to our field). For mostly everyone, I have created a personal facebook account for socializing purposes, and to build a business network.

Also me and other members of Bybloss company, created a separate facebook account for our business. We checked out other members whose share our business interests and considered to request their friendships, because we thought a friendship with other users could be beneficial to us as we build a business network.

We add regular status updates on our facebook business account. Finally that`s how we established a business presence on facebook, which gets our name (and the name of our business) out.

But during special meeting we decided that we should search for another options and we decided that a good way would be to join to LinkedIn. Of course we keep soliciting new business contacts via our LinkedIn account,about our Bybloss company.

In other words, we show an active presence in support of our business on LinkedIn.

In that case, everyone can join as a fan if this is about facebook, which means that this particular can get to know and understand us better.

And this is a good way to spread an information about our company, and to build a business network.

Some of my colleagues, attend relevant conferences and seminars in our field. We do it because, attending conferences is another useful way to build a business network, to get the word out about our business.

But the best aspect of attending ,that means- actively participating in or even giving a presentation at, professional conferences in our field is that it provides us with face to face contact with colleagues...
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