Assessment and Technology

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Elizabeth Fernandes
August 14, 2012
EDU 225
Mark Rowicki
My mission statement for my classroom is to be able to incorporate technology into it as well as into the curriculum so that it is more challenging and demanding for the students. Also incorporating it will bring the students to want to learn and engage in a twofold environment that will join together traditional learning and technology centered instruction. Classrooms and students who have access and the ability to use different technologies such as computers, Smart-boards, digital cameras, digital recorders, e-tablets, smart-phones, iPads, ect will be able to have an advancement for designing, formulating, and organizing projects which will give the students a tremendous boost in the learning process. My intentions for the classroom is that I would like my students to comprehend the advantages of technology as well as how it will continue to develop and progress in their lifetime and assist in preparing them for the public in the 21st Century.  

I foresee a classroom full of students that are properly equipped with several different uses of technologies that will allow me as a teacher to be resourceful with the students in the classroom along with the classroom curriculum. I visualize technology being applied in the classroom to allow students to be more involved with their coursework and encourage critical and creative thinking alongside with collaboration, communication, life, and career skills.   

I decided to involve in my mission statement the idea of preparing my students for the 21st Century as well as having a multitude of different technologies is because in the reading from Information, Media and Technology Skills, talks about the quickly changing technology tools and being able to collaborate which will help the students be efficient in the 21st century (Partnership for 21st Century Skills). Being able to use multiple technologies such as the mission statement states will help the students grow with the technology and make it more feasible for them to use technology in their projects. Also in the mission statement I stated technology such as laptops and ipads because students growing up with technology such as those everyday and using them for games or other activities, if students can use technology for that then they can use those types of technology in the classroom to learn (Teachers, technology and training). When it comes to my vision statement I chose this because I believe that all children as well as my students should be able to apply technology to their everyday learning environments (Unleash the power of technology in education).

Communications Plan
Incorporating technology into the classroom can either hinder the learning environment or help it depending on how the technology is used to teach as well as in communication with the students, teachers, and the parents. Communication should not be taken lightly. There are a few methods that can be used to communicate with parents that I intend to use in my class such as: contact list, phone calls, e-mail, letters, and a website. Not only is communication with parents important but communication within the classroom, with the students, has the same importance. With this communication a tremendous way of communication in the classroom is through collaboration.

When a class first begins I will have my class fill out an emergency contact form so that I am able to have the phone numbers of their guardians to keep in contact with them. This will help me give phone calls to parents and guardians to keep them updated on grades as well as behavior. If a child is distracting the classroom and making it a poor environment for learning then the numbers will come in handy to give the parent a phone call and let them know that the child is having behavior problems within the classroom. Another good way for communication that I intend to...
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