Assessment and Learning: Learning Assessment of Client

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Assessment and Learning: Learning Assessment of Client
Assessment of Learning
Meaning “formative feedback that is done simply to find out what and how well people are learning what we teach, without any intent to give a grade.” Classroom Assessment
Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
In-class, anonymous, short, nongraded exercises that provide feedback for both teacher and learner about the teaching/learning process Advantages of using CAT
1. Gaining insight into students/clients learning while there is still time to make changes 2. Demonstrating to learners that the teacher really cares if they are succeeding 3. Building rapport with learners

4. Spending only short amounts of time to gain valuable information 5. Using flexibility of CATs to adapt to the needs of the individual 6. Helping learners to monitor their own learning
7. Gaining insight into your own teaching.
One-Minute Paper
* Most common, used in the last 2-3min of class
* Ask:
1) What was the most important thing you learned today? 2) What important point remains unclear to you?
* Many variations. Ex:
* How did the technology improve your understanding of the topic, or how did it confuse you? Muddiest Point
* First used Mosteller(1989) at Harvard University
* Ask:
1) What was the muddiest point in today’s class?
* There’s usually not more than 2-3
* This CAT is especially useful for introductory-level course or for new content Directed Paraphrasing
* Requires learners to put into their own words something they have just learned. * Can be used in classroom, out-of class or with patient teaching * Especially important for nursing
Have to translate medical information into layman’s terms
Translation for a specific group (Ex: Person with a low literacy or to a six year old child) Application Cards
* After having taught an essential principle, theory or body of information, Ask: “Write on...
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