Assessment and Grade Level

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Running head: Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA): The Deming Cycle

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA): The Deming Cycle
Maythe Delgado
Grand Canyon University: EDA: 577
July18, 2012

Administrators guide and support stakeholders and students to make the school a better place for

learning and working. In order for the administrator be able to do this, it needs to acquire and

analyze the school data. Data should be analyzed regularly to be able to understand know what it

is happening in the school. As stated in the book: Data analysis for continuous school

improvement. Pp. 14,” Data analysis is focused when schools are clear on their purpose and clear

on what they expect students to know and be able to do, and when students and the community

are aware of these expectations” A good focus data should be planned, implemented, evaluated

and finally improved.


Testing Resources| Data Analysis|
Tri-weekly Assessments for math, reading and science from K-5.District interim Assessments for math, reading and science in grades from K-5. Benchmark assessments for all grades will be constructed using the test items bank. Each mini-exam will contain ten questions per benchmarks. Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) from 3 -5. Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) from K-2. District Baseline Assessment from K-5.Progress Monitoring: PMRN, FAIR, and District Interim Assessment 1Midyear: PMRN, FAIR and District Interim Assessment 2End of the year: PMRN, FAIR, End of the year assessment.Monthly assessments are conducted based on the Instructional Focus Calendar and Pacing Guide from K-5. Assessment will be conducted once a month.Computerized programs (River deep and Voyager Passport) as well as the FCAT Explorer will be utilized. Best practices and strategies learned through PLCs will be incorporated in order to provide individualized instruction. Implement a small group instruction utilizing Voyager supplemental materials.Voyager for Math, grades from 3-5.Voyager for Reading, grades from K-5. After school tutoring from 3-5. Reading resources: Voyager, Riverdeep, Success maker, FCAT Explorer, Ticket to Read and Accelerated ReaderMath resources: Go Math, Votager, Riverdeep, FCAT Explorer, Gizmo and Leap Frog.Science resources: Scott Foresman and FCAT Explorer.Writing resources: Houghton Mifflin, District prompts and Learning Express.Implement and utilize Success Maker Program for reading and math.Florida Assessment for the Instruction in Reading (FAIR), this type of assessment will monitor students improvement is reading from Kindergarten through second grade. School writing assessment where students in grade 4 are given a topic to write about each month. Teachers grade the composition and go over few examples. | Instructional Focus Calendar (IFC) is updated in September after the administration of the District Baseline Assessment data is disaggregated and again in October and January after the data results are disaggregated of the District Interim Assessments.Teachers, coach and administrators are responsible for determining the instructional focus of whole group lessons and small group/differentiated instruction.Benchmarks are selected based on the areas of weakness and strength as measured on the District Interim Assessment and classroom assessment.The duration of each Benchmark will be determined by the Sunshine State Standards and Content Focus allowing for all benchmarks to be covered before the administration of the FCAT and SAT Test. Within the amount of time allowed teachers will teach, give opportunity to practice, assess and re-teach as needed.Frequency of Data Days: twice a month for data analysis. Analyze the Progress Monitoring & Reporting Network (PMRN). This is a data management system hosted by the Florida Center for Reading Research. The reports generated by the PMRN can be used to plan reading instruction and to evaluate progress toward achieving Florida's goal of...
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