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Analyse the purpose of assessment & produce a written justification of your chosen assessment method. Assessment is the process of checking that learning has occurred. Assessment is the process by which evidence of student achievement is obtained and judged. Ecclestone (1996) points out that assessment requires two things: evidence and a standard or scale. Gray et al 2005: 50
Principals of Assessment
Assessment should be more than just a test at the end of lesson to gauge learning. It should be an integral part of teaching that will enhance students' learning. Teachers should be continually gathering information about their students through questions, interviews, writing tasks, and other means. They can then make appropriate decisions about such matters as reviewing material, re-teaching a difficult concept, or providing something more or different for students who are struggling or need enrichment. Assessments should focus on understanding as well as procedural skills. Because different students show what they know and what they can do in different ways, assessments should also be done in multiple ways, and teachers should look for a convergence of evidence from different sources. The teacher should ensure the methods of assessment are consistent and at a level standard, practicing inclusion by making the assessments available to the learner. Learners need to achieve their pass or qualification, ensure fairness and clarity. Initial Assessment

Initial assessment is geared to determining the correct course for an individual and finding out their capabilities and style of learning. The assessment may take the form of aptitude tests, interviews and reviewing previous qualifications. (Wilson 2008) states ‘at the beginning of a course the following may take place:

    • Learner need analysis to Ensure teaching methods are correct     • Preferred learning styles to Find out how your learners learn     • Initial screening to Check basic skills
    • Prior Learning to Check current level of competence

One of the important factors, apart from determining the ability of the candidate to pass the course. Is the organisation’s funding may rely on candidates passing, so the more effective the initial assessment the more accurately you can judge the ability of a candidate to pass the course. My initial assessment of new employees would be at interview, where I would ask questions about their past work history, finding out about their characters, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and their interests. I will set them scenario situations to assess their ability in difficult situations. This assessment is very important as it will enable me to assess the candidate’s suitability and also let them know what is expected of them. Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is generally devised by the tutor and is used during the course to check ongoing progress, it will improve learning through regular monitoring and reviewing and show the learners what they will need to develop to progress. This type of assessment is seen as a review rather than an assessment, it helps learners to maximise their potential. There could be a down side to this; the learner may feel constantly assessed. This could fit in with the theory of Kolb’s learning cycle (1984). He describes how people learn from their experiences, using trial and error. In this way reflective practice builds upon things that happen. Once a Passenger assistant has been employed they will then attend the induction training course, where formative assessment will be used in the way of questions, role play, kinaesthetic, visual and aural learning. This assessment will be ongoing throughout their employment, attending refresher courses and receiving updates of new techniques. Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment is the final, end of...
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