Assessment 5 - Ohs and Your Workplace

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Ergonomics, Occupational health psychology Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: December 6, 2012
OHS and your workplace


This document provides you with the instructions for your final assessment.


Successful completion of this assessment will contribute evidence of your knowledge and skills in the following elements from the unit of competency:

• Determine the legal framework of OHS in the workplace

• Apply knowledge of OHS legislation, policies and procedures in the workplace

• Maintain knowledge of OHS legislation, industry and organisational requirements.

Assessment guidelines

Before commencing this assessment it is recommended you read through all the content for this unit.

It is important that all your tasks for this assessment are received together. Please complete all tasks in this assessment before submitting; your work will not be assessed if you submit partial assessment.

• Complete all assessment tasks below in a Microsoft Office compatible document or a PDF.

• If you need to provide supporting documentation please ensure it is in Microsoft Office or Office compatible document such as PDF.

• It is recommended that you include your name on each page of all documents you submit.

For more information on assessment procedures, appeals and recognition of prior learning please refer to the student handbook.

Task 1

What is the name of the state, territory or commonwealth OHS Act that applies where you are located? Victoria

Task 2

Locate codes and standards about manual handling that support the Act. Name these documents and the sections within them that deal with manual handling. Safety and prevention
Health and safety topics
Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks, Manual Handling

Task 3

What is the name of the OHS policy for your workplace? Where is this document located? List 5 key aspects of the OHS policy. If you are not currently in a workplace, use the XYZ OHS policy. (You will find a link to XYZ OHS...
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