Assessment 21997/01 Common Business Unit Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements for Small Business (Bsbsmb401A) Customer Service Questions

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Customer relationship management Pages: 4 (967 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Assessment 21997/01
Common Business Unit
Establish legal and risk management requirements for small business (BSBSMB401A)

Customer service questions
1.What’s the difference between internal and external customers? In larger organisations where there is a number of staff to effectively deliver a service or product such as a hospital, you would find internal and external customers. For instance the IT department in a hospital would have many internal customers, as they help and support all departments to have consistently up to date, correct systems needed to help patients get their needs meet. Some of the external customers for a hospital would be; the patent that are in need of medical help, the patents family and friends, the police, the media. 2.Why would an organisation implement a customer service strategy? Customer service strategies are formed as part of a larger customer relations management program, designed and created to deliver service that meets and exceeds customer expectations. While large businesses generally develop customer service strategies of their own, smaller businesses tend to have more informal strategies based on customer care principles unique to their products. Either way, a customer service strategy is an important part of any successful business. 3.What is a customer service standard?

A customer service standard is a document, or Standard Operating Policy. It is a set of instructions drafted by an organization or company to standardize its approach to recurring situations, such as interacting with customers. Typical operating procedures for customer service include protecting the privacy of customer’s personal information, steps for how orders are processed and steps for how the phone is to be answered. 4.What is a work instruction?

Work instructions are how we do tasks and should be written for standards that require a number of steps or specific skills/knowledge to execute. Work instructions should include pictures,...
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