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  • Published: January 9, 2014
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Teaching Period 3, 2013
SLEB111: Foundations of Business Systems and eCommerce
Assessment 1C: Reflective essay
Word limit: 500 (+/- 10%)
Due date: 9am AEDT Monday 13 January (Week 8)

Weighting: 10%

Assessment overview
You are required to write an academic essay in response to the topic below. The essay must include a summary reflection on your learning, and draw on the readings from the weeks prior to the due date, and your own further research.

Assessment details

Discuss the relationship between processes and value chains.

Your essay should include:
1. discussion of the question or topic
2. evidence and examples from your research and reading with references cited correctly in the Harvard style
3. summary reflection on your learning (this need only be a couple of sentences, certainly no more than a paragraph, to highlight what you feel has been the primary area of your learning in writing this essay).

4. Reference list this is not included in your word count.
Recommended division of word count:
100 words for definitions e.g. knowledge sharing and intranet, supported by references 250 words that address the topic
50 words summary/conclusion
50 words personal reflection
Assessment criteria
1. Presentation and adherence to submission requirements for each essay. Style, fluency, persuasive language with assurance and precision; adherence to submission requirements.
2. Task discussion and scholarship in each essay. Discussion addressing the essay topic or question to include:
i. worked answer to question or topic.
ii. own examples from research and reading (appropriately cited). iii. summary reflection on own learning.

SLEB111 Foundations of Business Systems and eCommerce


3. Rigor of supporting references in each essay. Reference list provided NOT a Bibliography. Rigor of supporting references throughout essay including correct use of Harvard style for referencing.

Your reflective essay should be submitted via...
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