Assessing a Client

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Discuss your role in assessing a new client and reviewing their support plan. What do you do to ensure you meet individual needs and preferences? When we receive a referral for a new young person to join our short breaks facility we have to carry out an initial referral I do this by gathering as much information about the young person as possible firstly from the social worker they will send information containing there name, age, gender and some information about their needs or disability. I will then make contact with the parents to arrange a visit to see the young person in the family home. When this is arranged I always ensure that my manager is aware of the time and date of the meeting so to safeguard myself. I always take a mobile phone with me and when possible I take a college along not only does this make the assessment safer for myself, it also ensures that my college can gain valuable experience and develop their skills. When at the family home I ask a variety of questions about the young person to ensure we can meet all their needs, I also ask information about any medication they are taking and explain our policy and procedure for medication to the parents. I will also go through the different types of activities that we do with the young people and if they are happy for their child to participate, I will also ensure that all consent forms are signed and dated by the parents. This assessment also ensures that they are suitable for the service we offer. This gives us an insight to how the young person will cope with new experiences and the kind of behaviour that the display, it also provides the start of the care plan for the young person although this is an ongoing process not just at the referral stage but during the time they spend at the short breaks service. The initial contact also provides an understanding to which the young person will be compatible with, for example if this young person has the tendency to approach and injure more venerable...
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