Assessing Your Own Leadership Capability and Performance

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Learner Name| Anton Farrugia|
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In this review, my own organization’s leadership capabilities and performance will be assessed. This review will be based on Computime Ltd organizational structure and I will be showing my own understanding of the leadership styles within the organisation, reviewing the effectiveness of my own leadership skills but also discuss the adoption of an effective leadership style to motivate staff to finally meet the organizational values and goals.

Computime Ltd is one of the major IT organisations based in Malta employing 82 employees, delivering optimal solutions in the fields of IP communications, e-security, network infrastructure, finance and business applications, document management, strategic asset maintenance and software development. Computime’s mission statement is “We Deliver” and with that in mind a clear set of strategic goals and values has been communicated to the executive management team down to the Solution Team managers.

Organisation Structure

The executive management team is made up of five heads reporting directly to the two managing directors. Two heads are in charge of the technical solutions teams, one head in charge of the sales and marketing team, one head in charge of Finance and internal systems team, and one head in charge of the Project Management office team.

The technical solution teams consist of the Technology Solutions Team (handling Systems, Networking and Security solutions) and the Software Solutions Team (handling software development, bespoke application and Business Intelligence amongst others). The Software Solutions and Technology Solutions teams are made up of a total of six team managers who are in charge of the specific teams of field engineers and developers that design, implement, deliver and test the final products and solutions to the organisation’s end customers.

My own role within Computime is Team Manager for the Network Solutions team that is a subset of the Technology Solutions Team, currently managing a total of six network engineers.

Understand Leadership styles within an organization

The leader is the person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of organizational goals while leadership is the process of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Various leadership styles will result in different impacts to the organization and hence it is up to the leader to adopt the most effective leadership style depending on the situation because leadership style is crucial for a team success.

At Computime, different leadership styles are observed at the different management levels. At the executive level, the leadership styles adopted normally vary depending on specific tasks. For example, heads use the directing leadership style for administration tasks while they normally adopt the delegation style for all technical tasks assigned to the solution team managers. When the directing leadership style is used, a hands-on approach is practiced with most part of the communication being only one-way. On the other hand, when the delegation leadership style is used, the executive heads supervise technical tasks with minimal intervention because the team members are mature enough to carry out tasks on their own.

At the team managers’ level, where problems are encountered during specific project tasks, the coaching style prevails and is used to help the team members solve issues and give feedback without criticizing. However in most situations, the delegation style prevails amongst team managers but with a distinctive difference in the level of freedom within the different solution teams. This type of leadership style is seen to have the most impact in...
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