Assessing the View: Utilitarianism Works

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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“Utilitarianism works” Asses this view

Bentham created utilitarianism and Mill improved it. It main points are that human society exists to create happiness, that happiness is the highest goal and that everything needs to fit a purpose. The advantages of Bentham’s theory include a reasonable link between moralities, the pursuit of happiness and the avoidance of pain. According to Bowie it seems natural to consider the consequences when deciding our actions. He stated that “Utilitarianism offers a balanced, democratic morality that promotes the general happiness”. Utilitarianism does not support individual pursuits which could be selfish that could cause an expense to the majority. Bowie says that “It is a common sense system that is practically applicable to real life situations. It has no need for special wisdom”.

It is a moral system that is people friendly. For example in the management of hospitals, where fixed budgets must be best used to alleviate the suffering of many. There are many weaknesses regarding utilitarianism. Firstly Utilitarianism relies on accurate predictions of the future and this is impossible. Consequences of actions may not become clear until years in the future. For example if a person were to have an affair, get pregnant and keep it secret for years until one day 20 years later that child needs an organ donated and finds out that his ‘dad’ really isn’t his dad. This would cause a breakdown of the family. Something like this may seem innocent at the time but may greatly affect the future. Another problem with relying on consequences in order to judge what is morally acceptable is that consequences never seem to end. For example a child could be fiddling with a bracelet and it could break, those beads would roll all around the floor and someone would come fall over and break their leg. And due to them breaking their leg they cannot go to work which would leave them short of money which would lead to them becoming homeless ECT. This...
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