Assessing the Validity of Varying Points of View

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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TitleAssessing the Validity of Varying Points of View

Assessment A, Part 2: Assessing the Validity of Statements in a Discussion Explain why "Some people think that online education is not as effective as a traditional classroom" is unreasonable. This is unreasonable, unless a person has experienced both forms of education they should not make statements like that. That statement may not exist to a person that has experienced both. Some people may only be able to be in a traditional classroom environment as per their academic abilities.

Explain why "You can't learn as much online as in a normal classroom" is unreasonable. This is unreasonable because the same materials are used in both settings. Online courses require reading text from the same sources as the traditional classroom. Similar assignments are to be complete online as in the traditional classroom.

Explain why "An online degree will never earn you the same salary as a traditional degree" is unreasonable. This is unreasonable, unless there is proof that makes this true this may not be the case. You can earn the same salary with an online degree as a traditional degree if the online degree is from an accredited intitution.

Assessment B: Identify Strategies for Critical Reading, Listening, and Viewing

The path I chose to further my education is online courses. Online courses use the same text and other academic materials as the traditional classroom. Although there is no "face to face" communication, there are other ways to communicate that is as effective. E-mails, text messages, classroom forums, and phone calls are the other options that are alternative to the "face to face" communication. Research that I did prove that accredited online courses is just as effective as traditional courses. The main advantage online courses have that is best for me is the flexibility. Since I work full time, I can do my assignments on my own time at my own pace. Online courses can be done anywhere I have...