Assessing the Quality of Education in the Philippines

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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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Cabochan, Mary Angeli

Dr. Cruz

Assessing the quality of education in the Philippines (as mandated by Art. 14)

Education has been one of the top priorities by our government. In the Article 14, Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) were divided into independent groups to focus on the needs of their own respective level of education. Both departments were mandated to allocate resources for the improvement of education in all levels. Given that everything on this Article would be mandated accordingly, it will bring enormous effect on the level of education that Filipino could get. The allocated budgets to the education sectors are huge enough to compensate the needs across public and private education institutions. The policy in the circulation of the finances also protects the education sectors from unnecessary and illicit spending. Additionally, TESDA has been initiated to develop skilled workers. This initiative could greatly help Filipinos in achieving technical skills. The goal of this Article is to ensure that quality education will be available to Filipinos from all walks of life in four corners of our country.

Why powers and functions of CHED, TESDA and Dep- Ed does the 3 education bodies put into action their duties and powers for delivering of quality education and holistic development of Filipino students and graduates?

Dep-Ed, CHED and TESDA are working hand in hand independently from each other. These three education bodies report directly to the Office of the President. Like what was mentioned above, the three sectors are all mandated to ensure the quality of education in their own respective level. The separation of 3 bodies ensures that there would be the necessary attention, priorities and resources for all levels. Each sector also ensures the readiness of a student to the next level. For example, Dep-Ed needs to make sure that the graduating elementary students are all ready and...
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