Assess the View That Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Assess the view that working-class kids get working-class jobs.

J.W.B Douglas (1964, 1970) did a study on over 5000 children through their years at school in education. He found that working class parents were less interested in their child’s education, than middle class parents were. For example, he found that working class parents had less worries and concern about their child doing well in school and gaining high qualifications, than middle class parents were. He also found that working class parents had less interest in their children’s education, and were less likely to visit teachers to talk about their child’s progress. However, middle class parents were the opposite. They wanted to be fully involved in their child’s education, and ensure they get the best grades ect. Feinstein (2003) used data from the National Child Development Study to look at cultural and other factors that affect educational achievement. He found two main things that had a big effect on achievement. 1) Financial deprivation and 2) cultural deprivation. Financial deprivation is having poorer parents. This can affect educational achievement in a number of ways. One being the fact that parents cannot afford study materials and resources to help with their child’s education, for example, private tuition, extra text books ect. Cultural deprivation is when parents do not support or encourage their child in education and this can have a huge effect on the child’s achievement. However, this theory of cultural deprivation is heavily criticized, and especially by the sociologists Blackmoore and Mortimore (1994). They argue that this theory is based on class, and that this approach towards education does not happen with all parents, mainly working-class parents rather than middle-class parents. They also argue that research has not measured the parents’ interest in their children’s education accurately and teachers assessments have been used, which is not in detail enough and may be a...
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