Assess the Importance of Employability, and Personal Skills in the Recruitment and Retention of Staff in a Selected Organisation.

Topics: Employment, Labour economics, Recruitment Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation. Introduction
In this task, I’m a going to talk about the importance
Importance of employability is to refer a person’s capability for gaining and maintaining employment. For personalities, employability depends on the knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, the way they present those assets to employers, and the context e.g. personal conditions and labour market environment within which they seek work. As such employability is affected by both supply side and demand side factors which are often outside of an individual's control. This will make Burger King Employment much better by giving out these particular things. Suitable qualifications: Knowledge and skills that a candidate must have to be eligible for the job. Burger king will require candidates to have good qualifications, so they’re can upper come the duties and position at the job. Certain qualifications such as GCSE, degrees, diploma and training courses having the ability to speak another language terms that would otherwise be interpreted broadly. They don’t have a suitable qualification to work at burger king because it isn't really important to the company just that they need to have Maths and English. Without these qualification employers cannot employ Experience in a similar role: All candidates must have an experience in another fast food retailer E.g. Mac Donald's, so that burger king can know if that person is good enough for the job. They must have experience in a similar role to what they did in Mac Donald's, dealing with customers keeping the cooking area clean. (Asses) Knowledge of products/services: Burger King Employers must have knowledge of the products, because that can mean more sales. It will be difficult to sell to consumers if Burger King couldn’t show how a particular product would address to a customer needs. So Burger King Employers will...
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