Assess the Impact of the Treaty of Vienna in 1815.

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Assess the impact of the Treaty of Vienna in 1815. (30)
The treaty of Vienna came as a result of the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars. The treaty of Vienna was a result of the British trying to keep the peace within Europe. The treaty of Vienna reflected the diversity within ‘Italy’; the treaty reflected most of the wishes of Metternich along with the desires of Austria. Prince Metternich’s desires were to restore the old pre- 1796 order the fact which represented within the terms of the Vienna Settlement. Metternich also wished to impose a conservative settlement which would crush the hopes of the liberals and nationalists within Italy and Europe. At this moment of time there was a very separate ‘Italy’. ‘Italy’ was divided into separate states who had their own customs and languages. The treaty of Vienna had many impacts one which affected the Kingdom of Sardinia (Piedmont). The treaty of Vienna recognised and restored the house of Savoy as the rightful rulers of Piedmont. The immediate effect of this was that Victor Emmanuel I returned to Piedmont and started to restore an absolutist state. Other effects of the treaty of Vienna were that the code Napoleon was repealed along with various rights such as free trials. Other impacts were the Church was restored to its privileged status. The last important change to Piedmont was introduced at Vienna was that the port and state of Genoa was granted to the house of Savoy. Other effects of the treaty of Vienna was upon Lombardy and Venice the Austrian dominance of Italy and it’s political life was assured by the return of Lombardy to Austrian control. However it was strengthened by the recognition at Vienna of Austria’s annexation of Venice. The impact of the treaty upon the Papal States was that the Pope was restored to his position as spiritual and temporal ruler of the Papal States. The Code Napoleon was also abolished within most parts of the Papal States and the Papal legal codes were re-established. The...
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