Assess the Impact of Key Influences on the Personal Learning Processes on Own Learning

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Unit 6

M1- Assess the impact of key influences on the personal learning processes on own learning.

Thought my years in Smith’s Wood I have had many teachers that I think have been good and bad. From the years 7 and 11 I have had many Maths teachers which had different ways to teach, which I found very difficult to be able to learn and concentrate especially when you like to work in a different way to them. My last two teachers for maths taught in very different styles, which is hard when you are trying to pass an exam. For example in year 11 I had three different teachers, and swapping you way you learnt three times in the school year is very difficult and changeling. Compared in year 10 I did however improve on my grade but then retook he course and yet improved again, but compared to years 7, 8, 9 the maths was a lot different and changeling because of all the teachers I had in the same year.

Thought my years at smith’s wood the environment has changed drastically , compared to the old building, in the old school work was non- existed for me anyway, because of the environment in I was in I didn’t think there was much point, and work was slow and not to my best. With the new school and the new resources to use, it has really helped me to get work in and up to a satisfactory standard and getting my work in on time.

Distractions for me at smith’s wood are all around every day all-day. First there are friends which can be good influences and also a bad influence, when they won’t to go out on start chatting, I start chatting to be social and good because they tell to do my work and get on with it, which influences to do my work and to do my best.

Also family, I have a few family members in smith’s wood already and I think I have to be best I can be and show them that any think is possible and show them that if you out the work, and don’t get distracted that you can do the work and more importantly pass your exams and finish higher education. For...
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