Assess the Extent to Which the Wilson Government Achieved Its Objectives by 1970

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Assess the extent to which the Wilson Government achieved its objectives by 1970 To assess the Wilson Government which ran from the years 1964 to 1970 you have to look at what the Labour government promised to achieve if they won the election in 1964. You have to look at what the changes the Wilson government brought forward in their time in office and how the personalities of its politician’s effects decisions made.

The election campaign in 1964 was a close run contest even though there was a low public approval of the current Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home. The labour party only won a majority of 3 seats. The reason for the decline in support for the Conservative party was because of events and scandals such as the Profumo affair in 1963. Looking at Labour in the run up to the General Election, they promoted themselves with a more modern youthful image that was more in tune with the times rather than the aristocratic feel of Home’s Conservative government, this lead the Labour party to create an increased lead when it came to looking at the opinion polls. Wilson then leader of the opposition went into his 1963 conference speech talking about how Britain was ready to fully exploit the “white heat of the technological revolution.” The labour party was trying to show itself as being the right force to progress Britain against the ineffective current political establishment. As Peter shore said “ was a case of smart Alec against dull Alec... “. The Labour party won the General Election in 1964 because of a skilful election campaign and certain errors in the Conservative party around the time of the election being called.

The Labour party during the first years in Government between 1964-66 were successful in achieving its objectives, Labour wanted the tackle the problems in the Economy and the changing of Britain into a post industrial society. The Labour party therefore projected the image of following a “third way” in which the economy would be...
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