Assess the Contribution of Training and Development Activities to the Effective Operation

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Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of ‘DODO Fairmont’. (Outcome 4.1)1
Describe the role of human resource manager in training and development in a hotel industry.1
Describe how line managers are related in this area to be able to achieve their departmental objectives5

Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of ‘DODO Fairmont’. (Outcome 4.1) Describe the role of human resource manager in training and development in a hotel industry. Training

Training is the process of teaching employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs or for the developing additional skills. The firm’s training programs must make sense in terms of the company’s strategic goals. For example, since DODO Fairmont targets guests from various countries, one of the things the human resources manager must include in training programs is to focus in multiple languages for their staff. Training and development programs support performance management. This is an integrated goal oriented approach to assigning, training, assessing and rewarding employees’ performance. Thus, human resources manager must ensure that training at DODO Fairmont also support performance management. For this to happen, the human resources manager must conduct the following: * Need or performance analysis

Need analysis is a detailed study of a job which the human resources manager must conduct to identify specific skills required specially for new employees. The best way for the human resources manager to perform this step is through a form where, the followings would be monitored; the task being performed, the quantity and quality of performance, working conditions, skills and knowledge required and how these skills can be earned. Performance analysis has as goal to verify if there is a performance deffiency and to determine whether that deffiency should be completed through training or through some other means such as transfer of employees. This can be achieved through observations of employees by supervisors or tests on job knowledge and skills.

* Design stage
Based on the needs and availability of resources the human resource manager would design the training program to a specific job position of task. * Validation
In order to determine the training’s validity, the human resource manager must test the training on a sample pool of employees to see if those who received the training have better performance on the job than those who did not receive the training. This sampling process should be conducted on multiple groups to make sure the training is valid. * Implementation

It is the easiest step to do if all the above steps are done well. Now the human resources manager only has to train the employees who need to learn the skills and behavior. It is important that human resources manager schedule the training when the trainee is fresh and also that the training is broken down into small segments to lower the chance of fatigue. * Evaluation

This is the most important step during a training program but unfortunately, it is the same step that most human resource managers forget. This step helps human resource managers to know whether or not the training program has given the expected results. To measure training programs, human resource managers can use the following steps: reaction; did the trainee like or enjoyed the training, learning; this can be measured by asking questions upon materials that the trainee would be using in the near future, behavior; are they using the skill or behavior they have learned during their training in the actual working environment and results; the human resource manager...
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