Assess the Claim That the Main Aim of Education Policies in the Last 25 Years Have Been to Create an Education Market

Topics: Education, School, Local Education Authority Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the claim that the main aim of education policies in the last 25 years have been to create an education market

Over the last 25 years many policies have been introduced in education. Some critic’s say that an education market has been created but others disagree and say that the policies have helped create equality of opportunity.

Marketisation policies have been introduced, some examples are league tables and open enrolment, these aim to increase competition between schools and also increases parental choice. It is argued that policies like these will raise standards. A lot of these changes are said to be for the market place, these changes include; official statistics, Glossy brochures, freebies, specialist schools, academies, open enrolment, ofsted, advertisement and work related training. A lot of schools put some of these policies into place and started offering freebies etc because schools that do not produce good exam results have to work harder to get pupils. Item A states that they have to worker harder to get the best results for their pupils and if the pupils don’t get good results then the school will go down on the league tables and will consequently lose pupils and funding. The effectiveness of education systems in producing required results has always been a concern of the governments, but especially during the 80s and 90s schooling has been caught up in debates about value for money and parental choice. The principles of the market are now routinely applied to schools. However some policies put into place are more concerned with creating equality of educational opportunity than with producing an education market.

Policies such as Education Maintenance Allowances (EMAs), that help educationally disadvantaged social groups, are the policies that are more concerned with equal opportunity. Some examples of things that help create equal opportunity are; the national curriculum, bursaries,...
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