Assess How a Care Worker Can Contribute to Providing a Positive Experience for Users of Social Care Services.

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Social Worker

If a social worker has had first aid training, it would contribute to providing a positive experience for users of social care services, as they would be the first port of call in an accident or emergency. The service user would not need to wait on a paramedic or an ambulance to be looked at, they would be seen as and when the accident happened. It would also make the service user feel safe in your care as they will feel better knowing that if an accident does occur, you are there and easy to call upon.

To have knowledge and understanding of health and safety as a social worker, would provide a positive experience for the service users as the social worker would be completely up to date with the changing health and safety standards, and would ensure that their service user is being treated under these guidelines; thus providing the service user with an excellent experience within the social care service. An example of this would be a Social Worker that is based in foster care, assessing and determining that the living arrangements for the foster child are up to standards, this including their accommodation, and living arrangements. (Council, 2006).

Another factor that would ensure the service user is being provided a positive experience is the lack of the sharing of information. Under no circumstance would a Social Worker share information with any other individual, unless there is reason to believe that the service user is either being harmed, is harming someone else, or is self-harming. This would contribute to a positive experience as the service user would know that what they are sharing with the social worker is strictly confidential, unless for reasons stated above.

For a social worker to be completely up to date with laws and legislations, policies and procedures, it would ensure the service user has a positive experience as the social worker would not be able to give them the appropriate advice and support. If they were unaware...
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