Assess and Workplace as a Learning Environment

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Assess and critically analysis your workplace as a learning environment and identify any changes you could make


Appendix 1
SWOT analysis of my work place. A SWOT is an acronym for strength, weaknesses; Opportunities and Threats). A SWOT analysis is a successful way of examing your own mentorship role and helping you grow and move forwards. Strengths

a) Good communication skills
b) Good timekeeping
c) Good team player
d) Organisation skills
e) Maturation
f) Supportive
g) Professional skills
h) Well experienced
a) No mentor’s knowledge
b) Poor time management
c) Find it hard to fill someone
d) Unsure about teaching
e) Lack of confidence about assessment
f) Leaving things to the last minute
a) Attending the mentorship course
b) Getting help from existing mentors and learn from them c) Good University link tutor
d) Many students in area
e) Good clinical learning environment
a) Stressful environment at time
b) Few mentors in clinical areas
c) Shortage of staff
d) Time constraints

This essay aims at assessing my place of work as a learning environment and identifies any changes I could make to improve it. Making sure a clinical setting is a learning environment is a key role of the mentor, according to research (e.g. Darling, 1984, Philips et al: 2000).Under the domain creating an environment for learning. The NMC (2006) indicates that the mentor should be competent in creating an environment for learning, where practise is valued & developed, that provide, appropriate professional and interprofessional learning opportunities and support for learning to maximise success for individual. Nursing is a competence based profession and registered nurse or mentors are accountable for assessing students skills and knowledge in clinical setting (NMC 2008).According to QUINN (2002) describes clinical environment as a holistic nation involving the learner. I am currently working as a community nurse with the district nurse team. Our patient are mostly elderly patients, and most of the elderly patient have a range of physiological, psychosocial functional needs , multiple co-morbidities. They also have higher risk of hospital related issues, such as fall, pressure ulcers, incontinence, delirium, and malnutrition. (Miller, Sally K (2002). The team I work with provide 24 hours service, 7 days a week. The team work shift patterns, 7-3, 2-10, 9-5, 7 days a week.

My clinical environment is a busy place which my role as a community nurse is mainly attending home visit for patient, holding clinics, attending multidisciplinary team meeting. My work place is divided into many sections, health centre, G.P surgery, district nurse team, health visitor, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. In my work place we have training room and in this room we have books, guidelines and trust policies/protocols, NMC code of professional conduct. These can be easily accessible also via the trust intranet and can be viewed by student and staff member. On arrival of a new student, an induction programme and orientation of the clinical environment is provided. We issue welcome packs to students on their first day of placement to the unit. The first welcome and orientation is crucial phase in helping the student get off on the right foot and make the most of their placement. According to Wheeler (2000) mention that orientation program is a good start to provide an effective learning environment. Placements are a stressful experience for first year student. (Stuart 2007). Students are introduced to the team and allocated a mentor and a co- mentor, working together to ensure continuity of guidance and support. For a learning environment staffs need to be competent with practice that is up to date (SPOUSE 2001).

A mentor is a...
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