Asses: Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Submission Field : Bruno:
Stage One: Bruno gets caught playing/ wondering in the backyard. His Mother demands he comes inside and plays, so he does. He listened because he didn't want to be punished my his Mother, which is an example of Punishment and Obedience Orientation stage.

Stage Two: Bruno was caught speaking with the young Jewish boy/ servant in the kitchen. He denied the fault of speaking with him and blamed it on his new friend. This is apart of Interpersonal Concordance Orientation in stage two. Bruno's Father and society around him expect Bruno to treat the Jewish people inhumanly. Bruno understands this and recognizes he'd be in trouble if he admitted his actions.

Stage Two: The Father says to Bruno "if your country needs you to go, you will go". This statement justifies their move through Law and Order in stage two and Interpersonal Accord and Conformity driven. This is because, Bruno's Father obliges by meeting societies expectations and follows the order like every other German and works to serve for his country and maintain order.

Older Male Teacher:Stage Two: The older male Teacher told Bruno that he needs to learn about what is going on the world around him. This is an example of Interpersonal Accord and Conformity. Society expects everyone to fulfill social roles and teach the children that the Jewish people are bad and inhuman (Like monsters). Pavel:

Stage One: As the Jewish servant Pavel obeys orders and avoids punishment. He was instructed ti get a tire for Bruno "or else" by one of the young German men. Pavel does this to avoid any conflict. This an example of Obedience and Punishment.

Stage Two: When Bruno is hurt Pavel helps him. Pavel doesn't treat Bruno as his enemy and realizes he is a young boy. He keeps order in society and fills his social expectation as a doctor (his past profession). This is an example of Interpersonal Accord and Conformity in stage two
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