Assembly Line of Hyundai India

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  • Published : September 7, 2008
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The production management processes at Hyundai Motor India are overlayed with an organization-wide implementation of manufacturing best practices like Just-in-time inventory management, Kaizen, TPM and TQM, that help us in making the world's best cars, right here in India.

The Press Shop
A computer controlled line that converts sheet metal to body panels of high dimensional accuracy and consistency.

The Body Shop
A hi-tech line that builds full body shells from panels. Automated robotic arms are used for intricate welding operations that ensure superior and consistent build quality. After arriving by electro-monorails from the Press Shop, welding and sealing material and converting stamped steel into vehicles by complete automation. Automation prevents possible damage to the steel and helps ensure quality and consistency.

The Paint Shop
This is one of the most modern paint shops in the country and uses the environment friendly water based process for superior and lasting exteriors. A unique process management system followed here helps us deliver the most extensive colour range, independent of minimum batch requirements, helping customers get their preferred colour anytime. In the Paint Shop, each vehicle body is thoroughly cleaned and a zinc-phosphate coating is applied. This coating allows the water-based electrocoat to adhere to the car body. The body is submerged in a cathode dip bath to provide corrosion resistance, and then rotated 360 degrees through each tank (completing twelve full rotations throughout the entire system) to eliminate any air bubbles in body cavities. The vehicle is primed and then painted with a topcoat, which is the final color of the vehicle. With the help of high-speed atomizers and electrostatic charges, the body is given the smoothest finish possible. Final phases of the paint process include application of a final clearcoat (which gives the vehicle its shine and gloss), passage through a drying oven, and...
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