Assembling a Pc

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The Computer consists of all the following components:-
Storage drives(Hard disk, Floppy disk)
Input devices(keyboard, Mouse, Joystick)
Output devices(Monitor, Printer)
The following steps are involved in building your PC:-

This doesn’t mean you have to wear a white space suit looking outfit in a spot free and clean environment. It just means you should NOT be on a carpet, and should wear shoes to prevent static electricity from building up. Some examples of work environments could be:

In the garage on the work bench
On the kitchen counter
At your desk if it’s not on carpet
It is possible to safely build a computer on carpet but I would not recommend it, especially for the first time builder. You just want to be as safe as possible ant take as many precautions as you can to prevent damaging your new computer.

Remove the case’s side panels. Once the case is open, make sure you locate the power supply if it was supposed to come with one. If it already has a power supply, make sure your case comes with a bag of screws. These will be needed throughout the construction of your computer. Locate the bag of screws that came with your case and take out the motherboard risers. They will be plastic or metal. Either type will work or in some cases you can use both. I prefer the metal risers because they usually result in a cleaner and easier installation of the motherboard. Carefully take your motherboard out of its ant-static bag and place it on that bag, simply screw the risers into place and make sure they are tight. If the mother board happens to have some extra holes where there are no holes lining up with them in the case, just pop in some plastic risers with the pointy part of the risers pointing through the face of the motherboard. What this does is prevent the metal of the case from touching the electronic components on the underside of the motherboard. When a case is brand new the front part where the drivers will be are covered up usually by a metal piece as well as a plastic piece on the front that matches the case then decide where you will be putting your drive or drivers. Now the last thing you need to do to prepare the case is make sure there are open slots to accommodate the motherboard’s various ports as well as the ports that will be there when all the cards are installed.

Take the motherboard and double check to make sure the risers you installed line up with the holes in the motherboard and the rectangular plate on the back of the case lines up with the port on the motherboard. Push the motherboard against the rectangular port plate so that it’s snug, and then lower the rest of the motherboard down. If done correctly the holes in the motherboard should line up with the riser more or less. Once the motherboard is positioned, determine how many screws you would need. Please note that there are usually two different types of thread on the screws included with the case, large and small. For the motherboard, the screws with larger (more spaced out) threads will be needed. Take these screws and begin screwing them into the riser, securing the motherboard in place. Don’t tighten them all way until they are in places so if you need to shift the motherboard at all you can still do so. When you are ready to tighten the screws make sure you do so enough to secure the motherboard, but don’t tighten them so much that you crack the board itself.

Determine your CPU type. Keep in mind that the terms of the processor and CPU may be used interchangeably. Mainly there are two different types of processor: Socket
The socket processor has a bunch of pins on the underside of the processor and is mostly being used by Intel and AMD now. While The slot processor is rectangular shaped....
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