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Analogy Examples
Understanding the meaning of an analogy is key to the success of the analogy in communication. Some analogies will be understood by most people that speak the same language. Within small social groups of people, there are often shared analogies that bind the group together. Other analogies are only understood by people living in a certain region or country. Ads by Google

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Analogy examples with corresponding meanings are the best way to show the meaning of the word “analogy.” The following is a list of some common analogies and an explanation of their meaning. * The relationship between them began to thaw. This means that the relationship was changing.   * You are as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. You must be pretty annoying for someone to say that. * I am going to be toast when I get home. This is usually said when someone is in trouble with their significant other.   * He is like a rock. This means he is steadfast and strong. * She attended the celebrity roast. The person being roasted is being honored by people making harmless jokes about him or her. * I feel like a fish out of water. This implies that you are not comfortable in your surroundings. * She was offended when I said she was as flaky as a snowstorm. That isn’t a very nice comparison to make. * There are plenty of fish in the sea. Unless you really are a fish, this encourages you to move on and find another potential mate. * She was as quiet as a mouse. It is hard to hear a mouse, so that means she was very quiet. * Bing Crosby had a velvet voice. Since voices are not made of velvet, this implies that his voice was smooth and soothing. * Life is like a box of chocolates. This has many meanings and is a great analogy for life Many famous people have also used analogies to explain their...
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