Assassination of Kennedy

Topics: Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy assassination, John F. Kennedy Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: October 21, 2013

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has always been a huge mystery that disturbed millions of people and left them with a sense of curiosity. This report will argue that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who was Kennedy’s vice president, was the one behind Kennedy’s murder. Though President Johnson had great incentives and wanted to develop and improve in the country, he was very unprincipled as he used to steal the votes, deceive friends and make alliances with enemies to support him and even bribee citizens to vote for him. He would do anything in the word to gain power. (This was stated in the article “The truth behind the JFK assassination”,n.d.) Evidence suggests that Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination plan and maybe in a direct way too! Johnson was seen trying to change positions and move aside, seconds before the first shot gets fired, in a sudden way that seemed to be that he knew what was going to happen and getting ready for it. The testimonies of Evelyn Lincoln (personal secretary of J.F Kennedy) and Madeline Duncan (Johnson’s mistress) suggest that Johnson was the one in every way. Evelyn Lincoln claimed that Kennedy told her, three days before his murder, that he wanted to replace Johnson as his vice president, he seemed he wanted anyone but Lyndon. Also in the testimony of Madeline, she said that Johnson told her “After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat — that’s a promise.” (This was stated in the article “Did Lyndon Johnson order the Assassination of John Kennedy?”, April 14,2009) President Johnson ordered to clean the presidential limousine; this act suggests that he wanted to destroy all present evidences that could be used. All witnesses of the incident, who had some clues that could be used to know the truth of this terrible incident, were found killed or dead under ambiguous and unclear conditions. (This was stated in the article “Bullet fragments don’t match...
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