Assasins from Ancients Times Till Now

Topics: Special Activities Division, United States Navy SEALs, United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group Pages: 4 (1848 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Military Special Operations from Ancient Times Till Now
By Joshua Asoodeh

Assassins have been in history for a very long time and have changed some of the very key events in ancient times. Today they have a new name, SOC’s, Special Operations Commandos. Assassins are cold, ruthless, precise, and intelligent but they lack the one thing that separates them from people like Navy SEALs, emotions. SEALs can be cold at times but for a good cause and they can never wait to get back home and see their family before their next mission. I myself want to be a Navy SEAL, which is why I have such a passion for this subject. The first assassin ever was Hassan I Sabbah. He was a Middle Eastern man and the first traces of his handiwork date back to around 1080 AD during the crusades. He himself did a little killing but not very much. He decided that it would be better if he got a following together and get them to make the money for him and do the dirty work. He was very well liked throughout Cairo and Syria and practically most of the Middle East. He used his fame and popularity to start the Order of the Assassins. Have you ever watched the movie “Prince of Persia”? Well the movie is based off of real events including the order of the assassins. His reasons for starting the order are not known but many think that it was for personal gain and to exact revenge on his enemies. Once he had gotten a following he started the struggle for power, which had him fighting for power with other Muslims but also with the invading Christian army. He needed to find a fortress. He decided on one of the most known cities in ancient Middle East. The prized city of Alamut. He began the training of his followers there. Soon afterward his men went I search of jobs. What was their job? To basically kill someone and get paid for it, one assassin was once caught and before anyone could take him in to be tortured for information he killed himself uttering the final words “I shall inherit paradise...
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