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Content Of The Dead Man Pocket
setting: eleventh floor
characters: Tom,Clare
mood: panicking,regret, rue
Tom Benecke is a young married man sits at a desk in the living room of his eleventh floor apartment, typing a memo for work.His wife Clare prepares to go to the movies alone,Tom opens the window, While the door to the apartment is open for Clare to leave ,and he is explaing to her that he must work rather than go with her,, a current of air from the hallway enters the apartment, and blows a sheet of paper out the window, landing it on a ledge below, out of his reach including the yellow paper that contains all the data Tom needs for his memo proposing a new grocery-store display method. It would takes months to duplicate the information.He reasons it would be simple to retrieve the sheet of paper from the ledge. So, he put his jacket then exits the window of his apartment, edging along till reaches the corner where the paper is ,then he looked down the street below,panicking.He tried to get him self under control,but he can't move because of the fear. he tried shouting , making fire signals with paper in his pocket ,But no one hears him or noticed him,so he walked till he reached the window ,he stepped wrong place that he was almost falling ,but hecatched the window casing,then the window not opening he tried to break the glass by a coin but it doesn't work , with one of his sheos also unsuccessful.At that time he regrets the time he spent not with his wife,working.his life seems wasted.Then he punch his way through the window successfuly,and puts the paper in the desk.As he join his, wife he saw the yellow paper flying again .

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