Asphalt Mixes Concrete Samples Obtained by Coring Method

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STP 204-5

Standard Test Procedures Manual
1. SCOPE 1.1. Description of Test



Subject: ASPHALT

The standard test procedure is used for collecting samples of asphalt concrete by coring methods. 1.2. Application of Test Samples of asphalt concrete collected using the coring method may be used to evaluate various characteristics of an asphalt concrete pavement for construction quality control testing, quality assurance testing and product acceptance testing. Core samples may also be used for research testing purposes. 1.3. Units of Measure The standard core sample diameter for purposes of this test procedure will be 101.6 mm or 152.4 mm. Generally, the maximum thickness of asphalt concrete pavement to be sampled will be 250 mm. 2. APPARATUS AND MATERIALS 2.1. Equipment Portable Drilling Equipment - mounted on a trailer, truck or other similar equipment for transportation purposes. The drill shall be equipped with a source of power suitable for driving the core barrel. The drilling unit will be equipped with a source of air or water supply to cool the core barrel during drilling operations. Core Barrels - which will provide cores as described in section 1.3. Generally thin walled core barrels with surface set diamond cutting edges provide the best samples. Core Retrieval Tool - to extricate cores from the pavement when coring is completed, without causing damage to the cores. Marshall hand held compaction hammer. Gloves or mitts for handling dry ice.

Date: 1994 12 09

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Standard Test Procedures Manual
Section: Subject:

STP 204-5


ASPHALT CONCRETE SAMPLES OBTAINED BY CORING An insulated container in which cores can be placed and maintained at a cold temperature. Towels (if wet coring).


Materials Dry ice or similar material for cooling asphalt concrete prior to coring. These materials may also be used in the insulated container which cores will be placed in to maintain a cold temperature during storage and transportation to laboratory testing facilities. Hot asphalt mix will be used to backfill core holes. Alternate materials may be approved by the Engineer. Marker crayons or tags.


Sample to be Tested The material to be sampled will be an asphalt concrete pavement. Sampling locations will be determined by methods described in contract specifications or as directed by the Engineer.


Data Required Data to be submitted with each core sample includes the following; Date Sampled, Time Sampled, Name of Person who did Sampling, Core collected using air cooled or water cooled core barrels, Contract Number if applicable, SHT Control Section Number, Chainage (km), Offset from centreline (left or right), Sample Number, On End Product Specification Contracts; Lot Number, Sublot Number, Lift Number.

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Date: 1994 12 09

Standard Test Procedures Manual
Section: Subject:

STP 204-5

ASPHALT MIXES 3. PROCEDURE 3.1. Sample Preparation


Mark the core sample locations before positioning the coring equipment. Asphalt concrete may have to be cooled before sampling to reduce the possibility of damage to the core. If the asphalt concrete is 25 mm or less in thickness, place a piece of dry ice 250 mm x 250 mm x 25 mm on the selected site for ten minutes before coring. For each additional 25 mm of asphalt concrete thickness, an additional 5 minutes of cooling time is required. Alternative methods of cooling may be approved by the Engineer. 3.2. Test Procedure Position the core drill with the core barrel perpendicular to the asphalt concrete surface at the specified sampling location. Turn on the core barrel cooling equipment and lower the rotating barrel steadily with just sufficient pressure to start cutting. When the core barrel projects through the asphalt concrete, stop the barrel rotation and turn off the cooling equipment. Raise the...
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