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Psych 240

Asperger’s Syndrome

May 3, 2011

Asperger’s Syndrome

In today’s society there are many different types of disabilities and syndromes. I particularly want to talk about one syndrome that I have found to come to my interest thanks to channel 12. NBC happens to be one of my favorite channels to watch especially on Tuesday nights when the biggest loser is on. I find it fascinating to see people changing their lives on TV; anyway this season after biggest loser is a series with a family that all have some type of dysfunctionality between their own families but they are all one family. This new series is called Parenthood and one of the couples has a difficult child that can be a really big handful and they show their frustrations on TV. They have a child with Asperger’s syndrome and he doesn’t even know it until he overhears a conversation in the house that Max has Asperger’s. Until this show of Parenthood I never knew what is was, I looked it up on the internet several times to get an idea and see how and if they were portraying the syndrome right. In Parenthood it shows the child to be difficult and the family can be quite overwhelmed at times. I sometimes find myself getting frustrated at the scenes where the Asperger child plays because it seems so real and I know it must be hard for any true family out there actually have their child with this disability. So therefore I want to explain and help people understand what is known as Asperger’s syndrome, since this is a syndrome that is not made particularly known widely to the general public until recently.

Asperger’s Syndrome is lifelong neurobiological disorder that is also part of the autism spectrum disorder in which individuals are unable to interpret social clues. (Volkmar, 2009) They often have special interests like bugs and history; they are also known to be pedantic in their expressions. People with Asperger’s have problems with communication and have a restricted range of behaviors or interests and sometimes can be eccentric. (Volkmar, 2009)Asperger’s motor deficits are more pronounced and social deficits are present without grossly impaired speech and language. One can observe the child with AS have motor milestones be delayed, but most of the time more typical delays of more complex motor skills such as riding a bike, catching a ball, and climbing. AS individuals often have an odd gait, poor manipulative skills and deficits in visual-motor coordination. In Asperger’s disorder it is due to abnormal development to certain parts of the brain. They have also concluded Asperger’s is to be all over the world affecting all races, and no special preference to religion, education, social class or income level. (Ritvo, 2006, p. 26)It has been reported that Asperger’s syndrome occurs in about 26 to 36 in 10,000 school-age children, or in 48 of 10,000 individuals. (Colin Reilly, 2009, p. 37) For some reason boys tend to be more affected than girls by five times. (Ritvo, 2006, pp. 25,26) Girls with aspergers tend to be harder in determining since they have good coping and camouflaging mechanisms. Girls can develop the ability to disappear in large settings, more likely to develop close friendships than boys. (Attwood, 2007, p. 47)

During the 1940’s we learn about a Dr. Hans Asperger an Austrian physician. Dr. Asperger was studying a group of many children that had unusual problems, it was said he studied only 4 boys but his colleagues said it was over 400 children. These children had many problems with reading social clues, relating to others in an unusual manner, they didn’t show empathy, had peculiar interests, and were said to be clumsy in the younger years.Dr. Asperger noticed that the children he observed had difficulty making friends and were often teased by other children. Some of the children had difficulties maintaining attention in class and...
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