Aspects of Tourism

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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The main groups of international tourist that visit Australia are: * New Zealand
* United kingdom
* China
* United states of America
* Japan

The following table shows this –

The needs and expectations of these visitors would have whilst visiting Australia would be – * Good customer service
* Accommodation
* Food and beverage
* Information
* Transport
* Attractions
* Shopping
* Entertainment

What is customer service?
Customer service is the way in which leisure and tourism organisations treat their customers, giving them what they want and making their experience enjoyable.

What does good customer service achieve for the tourism industry? Good customer service achieves more profit; the better the customer service is the more money people will play to visit the place they are travelling.

Why is customer service important for the hotel and its customers? It is important for the hotels to have good customer service because if they excel in good customer service then the hotel can create a good name for its self and be recommended to other people to stay there.

Why is communication an important aspect of service?
Communication is an important part of service because customers rely on good satisfaction and efficiency. Customers may either recommend if it’s a good place to visit or if it is not worth it due to poor communication.

What types of communication would be used in customer service? The types of communication that is used in customer service is * Verbal communication
* Non verbal communication

Give examples of each type of communication to illustrate

Verbal communication –
* Talking
* Phones-landline/mobile

Non-verbal communication –
* Social networking
* Emailing
* Texting
* Letters

How does misunderstanding occur in the communication process? * Speaking different languages
* Not understanding the situation...
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