Aspects of Narrative Great Gatsby

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Form: Unreliable Narrator. In first person narrative you need to understand that the character will put their own views and prejudices in to the events, as does Nick. He has a vivid imagination that he uses to interpret peoples feelings and thoughts, however this makes him gullible. Nick also has a limited experience of life which may lead him to misinterpret events, his puritanical (very strict in moral/ social beliefs) upbringing that has shaped his opinions and beliefs.


Modifying the narrative
Fitzgerald uses Nick as a framing devise to help hold the novel together. The first few pages introduce him and the last tell us what he did after Gatsby's death, he supposedly selects what to include in the novel and tells us what he rememebers others have told him.

Arousing the interest in gatsby
When Nick meets him, he is unaware of Gatsby's identity so we are given an unbiased description of him. Nick takes little note of gatsby's appearance until he learns his identity.

Non linear narrative structure
This clearly shows how Fizgerald planned his novel. Most of the time we are given information in the order Nick gets it. Our interest is aroused in gatsby by rumours of gatsby and we learn nothing of the man's history till we actually meet him. We actually learn about Nicks feeling about gatsby rather than his true backgound as he neve tells his own story, nick interprets it.

Nick does not tell us much about what happens between scenes.

He creates intricate patterns of imagery and symbolism and some of the scenes parallel or contrast with others.

The green light
DR T J Eckleburg
Owl eyes
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