Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business

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Aspects of Employment Law P1 and P2

After finishing or charity event we all decided that when doing it again we would need more help. So we would therefore have to hire people, we then decided that we needed help with administration keeping to keep us more organised and also a promotional designer as none of us had the skills to create promotional materials ourselves. We then decided that we would need an administration assistant full time when we had an event to plan for as the planning and organisation will be on going from start to finish. Where for a promotional designer we said that would only be part time as it is a small task and is not needed throughout the whole process. Both of these would be temporary workers because when we didn’t have an event to organise we would not need them and so to keep costs down we would release them. The tasks we would require from these roles would be: Administration- Job Description

An English speaking person who is confident in conversation. Everyday tasks of this position would involve letter writing, dealing with telephone and email enquiries, creating and maintaining filing systems, taking finance records, photocopying and printing, making invoices, keeping diaries, arranging meetings/appointments, liaising with other team members and external contacts to keep them up to date with planning.

Promotional Designer- Job Description
Someone with creative flair and able to work independently from a set brief, with little guidance and to strict deadlines. Everyday tasks of this position would involve creating several forms of promotional materials to promote our events, such as website, facebook pages, posters, tickets, invitations, flyers, videos. Finding printers for the promotional materials, getting quotes for printing and other necessary outsourcing of the promotional materials.

As we will be employing these 2 new employees we will need to create a valid employment contract for them, there is a simple flow chart that can be used to ensure that nothing is missed out. It is made up of 7 steps these being:

Step 2- Finding the best suited person to fit the criteria outlined in the personal specification. The company has to options when trying to find this person and these are to give the job to someone internal, so already working in the business, or to find someone external by advertising the job, the job advert should include the job description of what the job requires, where it is, rewards of the job, what working hours it requires and how to apply holding interviews of people that don’t work in the business. Step 1- Identifying who you want and what these job roles include and what personal characteristics these people should have, this done by creating a job description to advertise the job and then a personal specification to analyse the applications so you know what you are ideally looking for.

Step 4- The candidate that is chosen to be most suitable for the job will then be offered the job. This must be a clear and unmistakable offer in order to meet the requirements of contract law. The requirements of contract law are that the offer must be clear so that the candidate knows what they are accepting, as they will be bound to it. The candidate could reject some of the terms and propose a counter offer which you as the business will then have to consider and decide if you are going to accept the counter offer or go and offer one of your other candidates the job. Step 3- Once the application deadline is up all the applications will be reviewed and a shortlist will be drawn up using the job description and personal specification to pick out which people best fit them. Once they have finished the short listing the shortlisted candidates will be called in for an interview so they can get a better understanding of all the candidates so that they can make the best possible decision on who is best suited for the job.

Step 5- The employment...
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