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H.M Tominson once said, “A good book is always a book of travel; it is about life’s journey.” In other words, a good piece of literature is always a book of journeys; it is about the soul’s quest. This quote is valid because a character without a journey is not relatable to the reader. The short story, “Marigolds” by Eugenia W. Collier and the novel, the short story, “Marigolds” by Eugenia W. Collier and the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, both show us how the quotation is valid through the protagonist’s maturation throughout the plot as they learn about life and its struggles.

The author of “Marigolds” shows us that this quote is valid through her characterization of the protagonist, Lizabeth, as she is coming of age. For example, after Lizabeth destroys Miss. Lottie’s marigolds, she feels remorse for her actions. Before this, Lizabeth is characterized as immature but however, after this action she feels remorse, which shows she has matured. This proves the quote is valid because it shows us the journey of growing up, which is something everyone experiences, making the story relatable. Lizabeth also proves this quote valid through the internal conflict she has about throwing rocks at Miss. Lottie’s marigolds. Lizabeth is indecisive to whether she should join in on this child-like action or stand up for what is right, like an adult. Lizabeth’s conflict lays within her conscience, with her adult side trying to escape but her innocence holding her back. This proves the quote as valid because life is testing Lizabeth and forcing her to grow up, which is something everyone has to decide making this work interesting. Overall, growing up is hard but not a bad thing to do, for it is a part of this journey we call life.

The author of A Separate Peace helps to prove this quote through his protagonist, Gene. Gene is characterized as an envious person and this causes him conflicts. Gene faces jealousy within himself about Phineas, the antagonist, creating...
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