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Topics: Crime, Security, Security guard Pages: 21 (6677 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The Philippine Women’s University
CDCEC – Crossing Calamba City

Campus Security System

Database Management 2
Gaspar, Chester V.
Erasga, Cristal B.

S.Y. 2012-2013

Mr. Zyrix Ryan Fagela

Table of Content

Chapter 1
Conceptual Framework
Background of the study
Statement of the Problem
Significant of the Study
Scopes and Definition
Definition and Terms

Chapter 2
Related Literature
Foreign Studies

Chapter 3
Research Methodology
Research Design
Respondents Distribution
Data Gathering Tools
Instrument Used
Administrations and Retrieval

Chapter 4
1 Profile of the Respondents
Ratings of the students
on the level of effectiveness in impression
Ratings on the students
on the level of effectiveness in dependability
Ratings of the students
on the level of effectiveness in efficiency
Percentage of Frequency
Summary of result on the survey of manual and automated
System in Campus Security System

Chapter 5
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation


This study aims to propose an automated system in campus security system in Philippine Women’s University (PWU)-Crossing, Calamba City, in order to meets the safety and security needs of students, their parents, the school’s staff and employee. But instead of using a top of the line video surveillance system that can be expensive, we are using affordable but precise equipment like the webcam. We build a program in the Visual Basic Software where in the webcam is connected. We used a survey method where in we gave our fellow students a set of questionnaires to be answer about automated and manual system in the campus security. We done this survey in order to identify the opinion of the PWU’s students and the problem they have encountered in the campus security system. This study also aims to increase the safety and security for the students and school personnel. As a result of our survey, most of the students agreed to use automated system in campus security.


The research paradigm that guided this study is shown in Figure. It follows the Input-Process-Output approach.



* Immediate response to a possible/ actual incident
* Analysis after an incident
* Evidentiary analysis after an incident
* Conducive place for teaching and learning process.
* Assessment of the survey’s outcome

* Installation of Video Surveillance Equipment
* Observation through surveillance equipment
* Distribution and retrieval of the survey questionnaire
* Analysis and computation of data gathered

* Video Surveillance equipment
* Survey Questionnaire

The input of the study consisted of the typical Video Surveillance Equipment like Video Cameras and monitor. This study also consists of a Survey Questionnaires.
The process composed of Installation of Video Surveillance Equipment, an observation through the Video Surveillance Equipment, the distribution and retrieval of Survey Questionnaires then the analysis and computation of all the data gathered.

The output consisted of the immediate response to a possible / actual incident, analysis after an incident, evidentiary analysis after an incident, conducive place for teaching and learning process and the assessment/evaluation on the survey’s outcome.

Surveillance Camera are video camera used for the purposed of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device, IP network, and/or watched by a security personnel/ law enforcement officer. Video Surveillance Systems consist of camera placed in Area where they can Monitor Activity as it takes place. These cameras may include features like pan, tilt and zoom; may be placed in outdoor or indoor locations; and may...
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