Topics: Energy, Npower, Learning Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Give an example of a situation where there was a large amount of unclear information / data. How did you prioritise and use this information? What did you achieve? (300 words max) Dissertation?

Give an example of when you have worked within a successful team. Why was the team successful? What was your contribution to the team achieving its goal? (300 words max) While working in my job as IKEA customer services co-worker I have taken part in various team meetings in order to improve how things are done throughout the store. Once a year a survey is conducted to get the views of all co-workers on working practices within the store. Once the results come back weaknesses are identified for further discussion in team meetings and options for improvement are debated. I feel I make a positive contribution to these debates and help to identify proposed improvements to be passed on to store managers. This is important to me as I feel my views are listened to and acted up in improving the store order to move forward and become ever more successful. Also, in group tasks at university, I felt confident in contributing to decision-making processes but could also patiently listen to people with whom I disagree. I feel that my enthusiasm and energy is infectious in a team situation. Can you provide an example of a time when you have had to bring someone round to your way of thinking. How did you go about doing this and what did you learn from this experience? (300 words max) No idea

Explain why you have chosen the particular business area you are applying to and how your skills and previous experience make you suitable for this role. (300 words max) I chose the Finance graduate scheme over the other schemes available as I have a strong background in Finance. While at University I studied Accounting so would relish the chance to put the skills I have recently learnt into action. The opportunity so further my knowledge by gaining a professional qualification in CIMA would be...
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