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Topics: SQL, Data Definition Language, Windows PowerShell Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Retail Solution for AX 2012 - Deployment

Takshasila is setting up a retail pharmacy store and they want to consume Retail solution comes with MS Dynamics AX 2012. At this point, they only have one POS terminal in the store and they do not want to have an offline database for that terminal. All they need is to have a shared database residing on Store SQL machine. In this scenario, it is assumed that all the required information like customers, items, prices, sales tax etc. are already there in AX.  Setting up Store

* Make sure that SQL Server 2008 R2 is installed on Store machine * Install Retail Store Connect on Store machine (in my case same machine as the SQL is installed) * Retail Salt Utility will automatically be installed

* Install Database Utility on Store machine
* Create Store DB by providing names in SQL database and machine fields * Fill in Store ID, Terminal ID and Data Area ID fields with dummy values for now. However, later you should add records in Retail HQ (in AX) for the same values. * Please note that no “Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Offline Sync Service” is available on Store machine. This service is used to synchronize POS terminal offline database with Store database and get installed on POS terminal machine when POS terminal component is installed * Now you need to create the Store Connect message database in Store SQL server. For that, open up the Retail Store Connect Settings utility and click on Add. The system will ask you for server name and database name. Enter the server name and message database name (that will be created). Enter the account details (which can be the user through which you access the Store machine). Make sure to enter the user name as domain\user. * Once the message database is created in SQL, make sure the tables are there. Now select the Store Connect Service instance from Retail Store Connect Settings dialog and start the service. setting up Head Quarter...
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