Asian Trade & Immigration

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Discussion Question 1 : Asian Trade & Immigration
* Identify and explain a significant contribution made by Chinese immigrants or Indian immigrants to American society and/or to the workforce during this time period.

The Chinese immigrants created a tremendous source of labor for the United States. Thanks to Chinese immigrants the Central Pacific Railroad was built. This railroad stretched across the western United States. The Chinese workers were hired for 30 percent less then their White counterparts who worked on the railroad. The railroad was a very significant contribution to the American society which provided valuable transportation for commerce and jobs.

* Consider that while Chinese and Indian immigrants were arriving in the U.S., the British were arriving in China and India. Compare the concept of a 19th century global economy between Asia and the West to the 21st century global economy involving Asia and the West today.

As the British government was arriving in China and India through force, many of the people of China and India were streaming into the U.S. and Britain to find work. This movement of people and government forces created a global economy which is very similar to today. The economy of the United States is very much involved in the global economy as China owns much of America as the United States government has sold much of the debt to China. The economies of countries continue to be intertwined through the internet, outsourcing and immigration.

* Compare Asian immigration to the U.S. in the 19th century to immigration today.

Due to the influx of Asian immigrants many Americans felt the squeeze of not being able to find work so there was some outrage. Due to the outrage the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed. This situation is very similar to much of the outcry of immigration today. Many Americans feel that immigrants, especially Mexican immigrants, are taking jobs away from Americans. One of the most recent controversies...
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