Asian Stereotype

Topics: Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Infrastructure Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The Civil Engineering is the major that I plan to study as a junior for my profession at Cal-State Long Beach. Studying engineer is not easy because you have to study very hard and achieve a good grade in Mathematic and Physic. On the other hand, I never know and plan to choose Civil Engineering is my career because I never knew what I want to be until I get into college. For instant, I realize that I want to be a Civil Engineer as a senior in Cal-State Long Beach.Like other engineering fields, Civil engineering deals with construction, producing and reproducing, and many other professions. Civil engineering helps me to understand the important of environment and the efficiency from many constructions. Everyday the modern society has developed the technology so quickly and we good get a benefit from it by the way we see many building, transportation, and production on the web pages. Now we can use this opportunity to understand the advantage of study Civil engineering. Otherwise, Civil engineering can be many things around us for example the airports, the subways, the buildings, the streets, the bridges. Compare to the statistic board of Engineering Technology in CSULB, I foundeda lot of different professions for civil engineering, but the number of students who graduated with the B.S Degree seems very small compare with other major. Even though this statistic reflects the realistic of essential to study engineering technology and this could be the opportunity for us to achieve our goal, but it doesn’t seem easy on us. With the economic go down so randomly right now, it hard to choose the right track for us because many of us want to have a stable income and a work place. Otherwise, Civil engineering is a good profession for students who like to deal with many different people or many different environments. With the population expends so quickly right now, Civil engineer is really essential in the future cause we need to built a lot of...
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