Asian History in Mexico

Topics: Japan, Spain, Immigration Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Asian History in Mexico
From attending the Mexican/Asian presentations last Tuesday I learned some new interesting facts about Asian/Mexican history. I found it interesting that there was a good deal of Japanese immigration over to Mexico. Before this presentation I never would have guessed that Japan and Mexico really had any history together. An interesting quote I noted from the second presenters slide was “I am 60% Mexican and 60% Japanese”. That being said, it is clear that a good number of Japanese settled down in Mexico and became a notable portion of their population.

From the presentation I noted that it was mainly during 1600-1660 that the Japanese people sailed over to Mexico landing in a town named Acapulco. It makes sense because during that time period Japan’s leaders wanted to open connections with other countries. It is amazing how Japan played a role in Mexican history, and probably still does. During and after Japanese immigration over to Mexico, communities formed in Mexico that were mainly Japanese. By 1910-1920 Japanese immigrants had spread over most of Mexico.

The speech was fast and hard to hear at parts so I feel like I may have misheard or missed some facts, but I found the story of the 15-20 Samurai that traveled to Mexico and Spain. I learned that these Samurai Japan sent over had met the pope and the King of Spain. The Samurai were also baptized at one point in travels through the Latino Countries. I’m sure the Samurai opened some connections for Japan, seeing as how they met the Kind of Spain and the pope. I am curious as to what effects the Samurai’s journeys had on Japan/Mexico relations.
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