Asian American Studies

Topics: Chinese American, United States, Asian American Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: April 19, 2011
The pain and the suffering, the oppression, and the exclusion all describe the history of Asia America. When they arrived to the United States, they become labeled as Asians. These Asians come from Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Thailand, and many other diverse countries in the Eastern hemisphere. These people wanted to escape from their impoverished lives as the West continued to infiltrate their motherland. They saw America as the promise land filled with opportunity to succeed in life. Yet due to the discrimination placed from society and continual unfair treatment by the government, the history of Asian American was being defined and written every day they were in America, waiting to be deported because of the complexion of their skin. Striving everyday to conform and mix with society, the Asian American faced constant rejection and exclusion from the American way of life, defining the history of Asian America. The Asian Americans came to America with a common goal: to seek work and get a better life because mostly in their countries that they are living poorly, thus they moved to United States. In Japanese and Chinese Immigrant Activists, Josephine Fowler sets out to write a broad transnational history that meaningfully integrates leftist Japanese and Chinese migrants into fields from which they have been traditionally excluded, especially the histories of American Communism and Asian America. Working "at the intersection of several interdisciplinary fields," Fowler examines a broad range of topics, from questions of agency to both practical and theoretical inquiries about space, identity, race, gender, and nation. The author grounds her work in transnational approaches increasingly popular with historians of labor, immigration, and Asian Americans to write a detailed study focused on the role of Chinese and Japanese migrants in creating and sustaining networks that facilitated the flow of people and ideas across national boundaries in North America, Europe, and...
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