Asian American Family

Topics: Asian American, Culture, Family Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Growing up as a kid in Atlantic Beach, New York, I was raised just like any other typical American would be. I became accustom with all the same American customs, and values that most other people hold. Most of my friends growing up were American as well, so I never really knew about other cultures, or others ways of living aside from my own. It wasn’t until I became friends with an Asian American kid named Alex that I realized just how different some cultures are. As I grew older I became more familiar with his Asian culture, as well as his family customs and values. I interviewed him recently to ask him questions about his culture in order to gather information that I previously did not know. Furthermore, I researched two articles about his culture in order to compare general Asian customs and values to his own. The information I found turned out to be very interesting, and I learned just how different his Asian culture is from my American culture.

Through my interview of Alex, as well as my own personal observations, I was able to gather a lot of interesting information about his culture, family customs, and values. For example, growing up as a kid, he was taught to really value education, and to always do well in school. His parents never seemed to stress the importance of school enough, and they would make him study for at least two hours every night. Even if he didn’t have any homework or tests to study for, his parents would make him read ahead in the textbook, or do extra homework problems. According to (Social Science Quarterly, 2005), stressing the importance of education is very common among Asian American families. Alex’s parents were very strict as he was growing up, and he was rarely allowed to do many of the things I was accustomed to such as playing video games, or having sleepovers. If he ever got in trouble as a kid, or disobeyed his parents, his dad would beat him with a belt. As it is explained in (Merrill-Palmer quarterly, 2007) Asian...
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