Ashton Kutcher

Topics: Ashton Kutcher, That '70s Show, Michael Kelso Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: June 25, 2008
A goofy celebrity to some, a stunning model to others, but there is no denying he is one of the most fascinating figures in Hollywood today! Christopher Ashton Kutcher, a young twenty-nine year old, grew from a below average family to a worldwide famous actor in a matter of ten years! His excellent reputation is due primarily to his down to earth attitude and humor. Today, I will be informing you of what type of person Ashton Kutcher truly is, behind those dazzling looks and stylish clothes. Ashton is not only a fashionable fellow, but an intellectual one as well, as you will learn later. According to “Fact File,” Ashton can fix his own cars and has even built his own deck! I chose this topic primarily because each one of us are interested in someone who started from a below average background and worked their way up to fame and fortune. Ashton Kutcher’s life can be summed up into three general parts: His childhood, rise to fame, and his current life. As I said earlier, Ashton grew up in a below average family. On February 7th, 1978, Ashton was born five minutes after his twin brother, Michael. Most people do not realize Ashton has a twin brother. The reason for this is due primarily to his brother being born with cardiomyopathy, a deadly disease which eats away at the heart’s muscle; he was given about six hours to live, but survived with a transplant. As you can see Michael Kutcher also suffers from cerebral palsy, making it difficult to control of voluntary muscles, and is not brought into the public often. Ashton also has an older sister of three years, Tausha Kutcher. According to Ashton Kutcher Network, at the frail age of thirteen, Ashton’s parents divorced. This was the very same year that Ashton’s brother Michael had a heart transplant. The high school career of Ashton Kutcher was that of a very low income family. Kutcher participated in plays such as “The Crying Princess and the Golden Goose,” and “Annie.” He was very good at acting and even pertained...
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