Ashputtle and Devdas

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Jalen Pearson
World Literature
Mrs. Dhaliwal
4 May 2012

Ashputtle and Devdas are to great topics that I think would be good to write about. I say that because they have similar symbolic archetypes a like. Also both stories have good themes in their stories. Then both of the stories have important symbolic archetypes that were key to know about in each story.

In Ashputtle and Devdas they both have Heaven vs. Hell as a symbolic archetype the difference between the two is that in the end Ashputtle gets her true love and in Devdas doesn’t. In Ashputtle the Heaven is going to the really nice ball dances that her stepmother doesn’t want her going to. The Heaven in Devdas is where his parent’s lives until he leaves the house then the Heaven is the Brothel because that’s where he spends all his time. The different symbolic archetype between both of the stories is that in Ashputtle there is a Magic Weapon. The Magic Weapon in Ashputtle is the tree by her mother’s grave that gave her all of those pretty dresses. The Heaven vs. Hell in Ashputtle and Devdas are the same in some ways one way is that both of their family’s don’t want them to be with their true loves. The difference is that at the end of the day for Ashputtle she got to be with her true love for Devdas he doesn’t he ends up dying.

The lesson that was supposed to be learned in Ashputtle is treat people how you would want to be treated. In Devdas the message is let people make their own choices because it’s there life. The themes in Ashputtle are outside at the tree, the ball room, and Ashputtle place of living which is in ashes. The themes in Devdas are his family’s house, Perro’s house, and the Brothel. The themes are in Ashputtle are there for different reasons like the tree is to help her get things done and look beautiful, the ball room is where she gets to show off her beauty, and Ashputtle place of living is to show how bad her stepmother treats her. In Devdas his family’s house is where...
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