Topics: Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale, Cinderella Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: October 30, 2010
      The story of Cinderella is told in many different versions all over the world.  Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm capture the essence of the traditional tale with a bloodier version entitled “Ashputtle” found within their popular Grimm’s Fairy Tales collection.  Unlike the familiar light-hearted story, the Grimm brothers transform the tale to take on a darker perspective. Although still fantastical, this morbid depiction reflects a more believable account of karma and consequence.  “Ashputtle,” like the traditional fairy-tale, began with a girl who lost her mother at an early age. The child’s father remarried a cold-hearted woman with two hateful daughters who mistreated the girl. The nickname “Ashputtle” was given to the child to reflect her newly acquired dirty appearance derived from her maltreatment by her stepsisters.  Ashputtle was forced to act as a servant in her own home. Prior to leaving for a fair the father asked all three girls what they wanted as gifts upon his return. The two stepsisters requested lavish gifts while Ashputtle asked for a tree branch.  When her father returned Ashputtle planted her sprig at her mother’s grave.  The sapling grew into a tree from the many tears that Ashputtle had cried. The tree acted as a perch for birds who answered Ashputtle’s prayers and wishes.       Days following there was a three-day celebration for the prince to select a bride of his choosing. Ashputtle pleaded with her stepmother to allow her to attend the ball with her sisters, but the stepmother, not wanting her to attend, created time-consuming chores.  With the assistance of her feathered friends Ashputtle completed the tasks as requested.  Despite Ashputtle’s efforts, her stepmother still denied her permission to attend the event.  Ashputtle ran to her mother’s grave and wept.  A bird in the tree heard Ashputtle’s cries and granted her wishes by giving her gowns and slippers for each night of the ball.  She attended the celebration all three evenings in...
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