Ashley Madison

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  • Published : June 25, 2011
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The NCA 5 principles of Ethics are: Respect, Honesty, Fairness. Choice, & Responsibility. In the article for Cheating Incorporated: does not measure very well with the NCA 5 principles. 1.) Respect: It dealt by treating others the way you want to be treated and shows the “We-Orientation” were you consider your results of your actions affecting other people. With, the website does not measure to this principle at all. It uses the “Me-Orientation” status where the individual only cares about the fulfillment of their actions for themselves and does not take in to account does not take in to consideration their wife or husbands feelings. 2.) Honesty: Is trying to be truthful without intentionally deceiving another person. In the case, the website encourages adultery and for married men and woman to share their relationships in “secrecy”. These type of actions demonstrate that these individual users are intentionally deceiving their spouse by being dishonest and cheating on them. 3.) Fairness: Deserves equal treatment, allows individuals like themselves to come together to meet with other individuals who are cheating on their spouses. Their logo read: Life is short have an affair. This is very unfair treatment to their relationship partners and is very ethically incorrect way of living. 4.) Choice: Every individual is allowed to make their own decision, but it should be done with prime consideration in ethical judgment., allows people to make their own choice weather to commit adultery, but if they do then their choice is of poor ethical judgment is a very poor decision. 5.) Responsibility: Individuals are responsible for ethical communication to others using the “We-Orientation” approach where you are to consider other individual’s feelings involved not to harm them. shows has enrolled spouses who do not care about their wife or husbands...
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