Ashford Psy202 Dq Week 1

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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The three groups that I would choose would be family, religious organizations, and school. Family because that the group that is the first group that you will Experience. Family has a lot to do with what we learn as children. Religious organizations because as a child growing up I went to church weather my mom or my grandmother went or not so that was one of my influences as a child. And last I would have to say school because that’s a big part of child hood when you’re at school you meet lots of different people and you can be involved all sorts of sports and clubs. You also learn about different cultures. Theses life experiences are beneficial to us because a lot of the time the things we go through in life help us to discover what we what to be or do for the rest of our life. For me it’s running a nursing home or maybe owning one. I’ve seen a lot of bad thing that go on in some nursing homes .So I what to make a difference in some one life. I have had a lot of positive influences in my life. But I have also had some negative influences. When I started going to college the first time I really didn’t have anyone pushing me and telling me I needed to go to school they would rather I hang out with them than for me to go to school. But I have got to that point in my life where no one else’s option matters I what to do better for myself.
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