Ashford Bus 303 Week 5 Discussions

Topics: Fair Credit Reporting Act, Human resource management, Lock Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 7, 2011
WEEK 5 – Chap 15 – Labor Relations; 16 Employee Discipline; 17 Promoting Safety.

DQ 1
Being a self business generator I would submit to my fellow students that the disciplinary group I am always mindful of are the rules and regulations set forth on my financial market segment – such as the Department of Real Estate, FBI & Federal Mortgage Licensing System(s). With my role and responsibility level I am required to have systems in place that prevent others from breaking laws in addition to personal measurements. Examples Include: - Security: By law I must only use internet connections that are DSL; and not wireless. I must have all offices locked with access ability controlled to those in positions of authority; a paper shredder & all files with client confident materials such as bank account numbers stowed with lock and key. - Quality Control: In place to address intentional misrepresentation, omission, and other fraud types in connection to a home loan. Other ‘Acts’ that have passed with legislation such as the ‘fair credit reporting act’ & privacy laws which also create rule and regulation that you/we must abide by. Though most of the disciplinary actions I am threatened with for non compliance are suspension of license and fines from $1,000 to $1,000 a day per violation are disciplinary actions that the ‘system’ can take – there is also jail time for the violations that are more serious. I find that most of these disciplinary actions will begin to become less frequent in our industry due to the reversions of licensure selection to begin with. Our industry is being securitized, just as insurance or brokerage, and with strict qualifications of FBI background checks, credit checks, and personal history review – a lot of scrupulous characters won’t have the ability to get to a point where they can afflict any improprieties on the system or the public at large. The pre-screening process also includes the administration of competency testing – all these...
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