Ashford Bus 303 Week 4 Discussions

Topics: Human resource management, Subject, Marketing Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 7, 2011
WEEK 4 – CHAPTERS 13 Training & development & 14 Career Planning & developme

DQ 1 -
In my very first corporate job I had a 5 day employee orientation that addressed the company’s historical goals; as well as present and future goals. That was not more than 5 hours of orientation video though. The position was commodities with specific focus on semiconductors of all sorts; purchasing and selling on the secondary market. I was hired to work with the VP of Sales; specifically handling his client base with phone calls / order processing – but I knew nothing about semi-conductors, specifically. So the remaining 4 days was regarding the industry and what semiconductors were capable of, looked like, types, clients who want them & why, etc. I believe that the orientation was extremely efficient with the reduction of anxiety and saving time. With a pre-understanding of the company’s culture and what was expected of me I was able to act accordingly; as apposed to a ‘bull in a china shop’ syndrome. Two suggested improvements:

1) Current videos – The video’s I watched were a good 10 years old. It might have been time to update them. 2) My direct supervisor was also my ‘client’ in that I was directly hitched with the top sales executive to assist him; and I would not say there was much ‘assistance’. I was sort of thrown in there and it felt like a ‘sink or swim’ situation – but I was ‘OK’ with that….I adapt to those situations quickly.

DQ 2 –
My ‘career’ has always been surrounding the segment of ‘sales’ – and in my 12 years of practice, the last 10 years has been in the market segment of residential real estate. Throughout the last 10 years I’ve hit all four stages of my career, and ground this observation in the fact that I now run my own business as a consultant in the business. My leadership is located in my ability to provoke new thought in subordinates, hiring and organizational design (Ivancevich, 2010). Through interpretation of the text, and the four...
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